Colonial Beach United Methodist Church

4. Hospitality of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14-17, July 22nd, 2018)

The Holy Spirit as "the Spirit of Adoption" again and again pours hospitality in our hearts, as we acknowledge that we are living in God's adoptive love in Jesus Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who makes us confident of the depth of God's love for us, each and every moment. The Holy Spirit urges us to show God's love to our neighbors. So we can call the hospitality of the Spirit as "missional hospitality." Mission: the movement of the Gospel -- of God's grace and love -- beyond the walls of separation and exclusion, whether political, social, cultural, or even religious. The authenticity of mission greatly depends upon the way the Christian lives in the hospitable love of the Holy Spirit: "Gospel hospitality -- seeing God's welcome, living God's welcome, and extending that welcome to others -- is a life of mission." (Amy Oden)

3. Hospitality of Jesus (Luke 10:25-37 on July 15th, 2018)

The hospitality of Jesus can be found in his seeing with sympathy the stranger. Both a priest and a Levite saw the man, but they passed him. They didn't have the eyes of compassion. It is not enough for us to have physical eyes for offering hospitality to the stranger. We need other eyes -- eyes that burn with the love of God. Seeing people is a practice of hospitality. What that means is that hospitality must begin with seeing people, seeing people with Jesus' eyes, seeing people with compassion. That is the heart of God. That is the start of hospitality. Also Jesus' hospitality is the Eucharistic hospitality. Bread and wine symbolize Jesus' whole life given to us for delivering us from sin and death. The cross is our sheer sign of the hospitality of Jesus Christ!


1. A Ministry of Hospitality (Hebrews 6:1-2 on July 1st, 2018) 

The cross enables us to follow the divine model of hospitality. Jesus' broken body is the very symbol of God's hospitality. Thus Holy Communion shows us how much God was hospitable to us through His son, Jesus Christ! So now, empowered by the cross of Christ, by His body broken and His blood shed, we each have our own ministry of hospitality. This ministry is more than showing good manners in public. It is more than kindness and friendship and entertainment. It is a redemptive ministry, like Christ's, whereby we bring a sense of healing and genuine acceptance to all other people.

2. Hospitality of God (Genesis 18:1-15 on July 8th, 2018)

God is our guest. God comes to us as strangers. We know there are angels out there visiting us in disguise. God can be also our host. God comes to us as a welcoming master. We know there are angles out there preparing for our blessings. Let’s get into God’s hospitality by receiving strangers who often bear God’s welcome. God is personal, relational, social and communal. God loves to make a community just like a family by offering His hospitality. The church as the community of faith has been created by God’s hospitality. Therefore, we must open our hearts to welcome strangers. The more we pay attention to our own experiences of God’s welcome in our lives, the more ready we are to participate in God’s welcome. ​